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Conor Hickey CEO

Collingwood Children's Farm

”PUR Production peeled back layers and uncovered more stories than we’d ever thought possible! An in-depth, heartfelt summary from the voices that mattered most, PUR Productions was able to piece together a rich tapestry of tales that show just how uniquely significant Collingwood Children’s Farm, and the land on which it sits, is to so many people – past, present and future. CCF thanks PUR Production for their incredible work and highly recommends to anyone wanting to capture the real voices and stories of people and their communities."

Marylin Fleer

Laureate Professor, Australian Research Council  Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellow Faculty of Education, Monash University


"We have the most amazing video series that was prepared by PUR Production. Our video series focuses on infants and toddlers and this meant having a team that was sensitive to this group when filming, but also a team that was able to capture the magic of those beautiful young minds as they explored. Importantly, the moments of imagination in play and imagination in STEM have been captured and beautifully presented in the video series - something very special for helping others see that STEM for infants and toddlers is indeed possible. The final result has been so well received in the early childhood education community. Thank you PUR Production."

Alastair Pryor

Humanitech Lab Manager - Australian Red Cross


"We engaged Patrick at Pur Production to develop our communications and media strategy for our innovation lab. Since the get-go, Pur Productions has gone above and beyond to support us in conveying our story in a creative yet professional manner, from copy to developing media assets, to producing our own podcast. We look forward to working with Pur Production to communicate our story well into the future."


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