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Melbourne University & Mindful



  • Co-development of tailored educational resources for emotional intelligence training with stakeholders.

  • Co-implementation of innovative, creative strategies for enhanced learner engagement.

  • Collaborative production of high-quality educational content to improve teacher-student interactions.

  • Joint development and execution of instructional design to simplify complex concepts for specific audiences.

  • Comprehensive stakeholder co-consultations to ensure content relevance and impact.

Together in Empathy: Co-Creating Emotional Intelligence Pathways for Educators

Project Objective

In partnership with Melbourne University's Mindful parenting program, we aimed to co-create accessible educational resources to empower teachers with emotional intelligence skills for better classroom service. This co-production focused on video and written materials that were engaging and immediately applicable.

Client Benefit

By employing our "Picking Up Rocks" co-production methodology and drawing on our collective experience, we co-executed creative elements and co-guided on-set talent. This collaborative effort highlighted effective emotional coaching practices for teachers, significantly enhancing their professional development.

Project Results

Our co-production with Melbourne University successfully launched a pioneering training program, markedly enhancing its reach and efficacy. This collaboration enabled teachers to more effectively support and comprehend their students, fostering a more empathetic and informed educational atmosphere.

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