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Melbourne University, Mindful, and Victorian Department of Education



  • Co-development of tailored educational resources for emotional intelligence training with stakeholders.

  • Co-implementation of innovative, creative strategies for enhanced learner engagement.

  • Collaborative production of high-quality educational content to improve career and adolescent connection.

  • Joint development and execution of instructional design to simplify complex concepts for specific audiences.

  • Comprehensive stakeholder co-consultations to ensure content relevance and impact.

Empowering Youth, by supporting parents:

Co-Creating Pathways to Emotional Intelligence

Project Objective

In a co-production effort with Melbourne University and the Victorian Department of Education, our mission was to empower parents and caregivers through the adolescence transition. This was achieved by transforming evidence-based, text-heavy materials into a co-produced, visually engaging 5-part chapter series, aimed at making knowledge more accessible and engaging through shared creative vision

Client Benefit

Our co-production partnership facilitated in-depth script development consultations and the development of a unified creative vision. Acting as primary creative partners, our collective expertise in the parenting program's philosophy guided the co-production and co-design process, ensuring content relevance and resonance.

Project Results:

Leveraging our "Picking Up Rocks" co-production methodology, we delivered a comprehensive educational suite, including:

  • A co-produced trailer introducing the online resource.

  • Animations co-developed to explain adolescent development effectively.

  • A series of co-produced expert videos detailing emotional coaching implementation.

  • Video footage showcasing parent-adolescent interactions, co-produced to highlight emotional coaching techniques.

  • A creatively approached Q&A session, designed to maintain engagement and humanize experts through a co-production lens.


Our co-production journey with Melbourne University and the Victorian Department of Education resulted in the creation of innovative, visually engaging educational resources. This collaborative effort effectively supported parents and caregivers, marking a significant impact in the field of emotional intelligence education during adolescence.

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