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Melbourne University, Mindful.


Co-Executed Services:

  • Collaborative development of educational resources tailored to early parenthood, emphasizing emotional intelligence with toddlers.

  • Jointly designed and implemented creative strategies for engaging, relevant content.

  • Co-produced a 20-chapter series to enhance narrative depth and educational engagement.

  • Co-constructed narrative strategies to simplify complex ideas through creative collaboration.

  • Integrated stakeholder perspectives in script development for enriched content impact.

From Cradle to Confidence:
Supporting Parental Mental Health and Toddler Development

Project Objective

Together with Melbourne University, we embarked on a mission to support parents and caregivers during early parenthood. Our goal was to co-create an accessible resource that not only aids in mental health support for parents but also fosters a deeper connection with toddlers, transforming dense, academic materials into a visually engaging, co-produced 20-part series.

Client Benefit

This partnership enabled deep script consultation and the development of a shared creative vision. Our combined expertise in parenting philosophies guided the co-creative process, ensuring the content's relevance and resonance.

Project Results

  • Tailored educational tools for parents, co-created with stakeholders.

  • Innovative strategies for engaging content, enhancing parent-toddler connections.

  • A comprehensive educational suite that simplifies parenting concepts for a broad audience.

  • In-depth co-consultations to guarantee content's impact and relevance.

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