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Melbourne University & Mindful



Development of educational resources

Creative approach design and implementation

Production of engaging educational content

Narrative strategy

Stakeholder consultation for script development

From Coaching to Consulting:

A teachers Resource to Improve Emotional Intelligence at schools

Project Objective

PUR was engaged by Melbourne University's Mindful parenting program to develop educational resources for a specific use case. The objective was to create engaging content for teachers in a new market, empowering them to understand and implement the program without the need for in-person training.


Our team worked closely with Melbourne University, providing consultation on script development and creating a cohesive creative vision for the project. We served as the creative partners in producing the content from start to finish. Despite the unique challenge of filming in a school setting and working with a classroom of children, we were able to create a comprehensive educational package of video resources.

Client Benefit

By utilizing our proven Picking Up Rocks methodology and our prior experience working with Melbourne University, we were able to execute the creative elements faster and provide expert guidance to the talent on set. This resulted in a polished, effective package that demonstrates the subtle changes in practice for emotional coaching for teachers.

Project Results

Our efforts enabled Melbourne University to provide effective training and support to teachers in a new market, ultimately improving the implementation and success of their Mindful parenting program.

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