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Embracing the Edge: Andy Pearson on doing the scary stuff and why it matters.

In this episode of "Picking Up Rocks," Andy Pearson, VP of Creative at Liquid Death, shares his insights on the power of facing fears and pushing personal limits. We track how engaging with 'scary stuff'—from his roles in ultramarathon running to innovative marketing strategies—has fueled growth and learning in his life across many aspects of it. Andy delves into his experience with the grueling Barkley Marathons, highlighting the intense challenges and psychological resilience required, while also sharing some keen insight into how the race was started and also finished for the first time by an outsider, free from pre conceived notions of whats possible. He connects these experiences to his professional work, where he employs fear-facing as a strategy to invigorate the branding and marketing of Liquid Death, helping turn a mundane category, bottled water, into an entertaining ever evolving show. Andy articulates how stepping into discomfort can lead to profound personal and professional breakthroughs, making a case for embracing fear as a pathway to discovery and innovation.

Andy Pearson has spent the last 15 years as both an advertising creative director and ultramarathoner in the US. For the last two and half years, he's lead all creative and marketing at Liquid Death as the VP of Creative, helping the brand become one of the fastest growing non-alcoholic beverages brands of all time. In his (very limited) free time, he's also the host of his own comedy running podcast called Between Two Pines.

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