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Dr. Laura Jana's Guide to QI Skills: Building Proactive Resilience

Join our host, Patrick Beggs, in conversation with Dr. Laura Jana on future ready skill sets. Dr Jana a pioneering paediatrician and child development expert dives deep into the transformative power of QI skills, which Dr. Jana champions as essential tools for thriving in our unpredictable global landscape.

With her divers background and insightful research, Dr. Jana unpacks how QI skills are pivotal in preparing individuals—not just children—for the challenges and opportunities of a future intertwined with artificial intelligence and ongoing global changes. Through vivid stories and real-world examples, she showcases the significant impact of these skills in fostering a culture of proactive resilience, collaborative problem-solving, and forward-thinking. Dr. Jana passionately argues for a shift in educational and personal development practices to embrace these key skills, ensuring listeners leave with a renewed perspective on resilience, ready to tackle the future with confidence and creativity.

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