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Project Objective

Humanitech of the Redcross & Telstra Foundation sought to redefine their narrative, create impactful content and communicate their mission and values to the public. In order to achieve this, they turned to PUR for assistance.

Client Benefit

Using our Picking Up Rocks approach, we worked across the organization and its funded startups to uncover and document the stories of the entrepreneurs and tools that are working to ensure a more equitable future for all those impacted by the digital age. We used data to emphasize the positive impacts and value of working with those who are traditionally marginalized by new technology. We then developed a comprehensive communication strategy that enabled Humanitech to grow as an organization and helped affiliate organizations to communicate their tech-for-good narratives.

Project Results

Our client-centered approach to research and content production has enabled Humanitech to increase its value. Through our storytelling process, Humanitech was able to clarify its positioning in a rapidly evolving industry. Together, we:

  • Developed a communication strategy that was grounded in the value Humanitech creates for its stakeholders.

  • Implemented a data analysis approach that aligned the investment philosophy of Humanitech with the real-world impacts being created, in line with their values and the needs of the community.

  • Designed and implemented a content production approach that enabled the production of impactful content and increased brand awareness.

  • Crafted a brand narrative that clarified the purpose and operation of Humanitech to employees and stakeholders alike.

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