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Community consultation

Stakeholder engagement

Brand development

Story community creation

Data strategy and analysis

Internal communication

Invisible made tangible

Project Objective

Cygnet Perfumery is at the forefront of changing the way we interact with our skin and the world of scent. The company engaged PUR to help them define, evolve and grow their brand in a rapidly changing market. We work with them as a partner.

Client Benefit

Our Picking Up Rocks methodology was used to guide our approach in working with Cygnet. This included:

  • Developing a narrative strategy that effectively positions the brand and consistently evolves as the community grows and new data and insights are collected.

  • Conducting community consultation and stakeholder engagement to gather insights and identify areas for growth.

  • Implementing brand development efforts that include creating a story community and refining key messaging to align with company values.

  • Incorporating data analysis to inform strategy and decision making.

  • Designing and executing a comprehensive internal communication plan to ensure alignment and consistency throughout the organization.


Project Results

The combination of these strategies has resulted in Cygnet becoming one of Australia's fastest growing scent startups. Additionally, our work has led to:

  • The refinement of the Cygnet value proposition from a scent-only business to one that encompasses skincare.

  • Enhancement of key messaging to effectively communicate the brand's values and resonates with the growing community.

  • Development of a communication strategy that allows for a consistent and on-brand online presence.

  • Creation of impactful content that fuels brand awareness among supporters and key stakeholders.

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