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Melbourne University, Mindful, and Victorian Department of Education



Educational resource development

Designing and implementing a creative approach

Production of educationally engaging content (5 chapters)

Narrative strategy

Consultation on script development with stakeholders

From Coaching to Consulting: 

A Parenting Resource to Improve Emotional Intelligence in Adolescence

Project Objective

Melbourne University and the Victorian Department of Education approached PUR seeking to better equip parents and caregivers for the transition from childhood to adolescence. The challenge was to take evidence-based programs that were text-heavy and create an engaging 5-part chapter series of visual content that imparts the knowledge within the program.

Client Benefit

To meet this objective, we worked closely with the client team to consult on script development and develop a creative vision for the content execution. We served as the creative production partners throughout the entire project, which allowed us to become familiar with the parenting program and philosophy that underpins it. This knowledge was critical in setting the vision and guiding the creative production throughout its lifespan.

Project Results

We employed our Picking Up Rocks methodology, working with key stakeholders to develop the creative vision and execute on the creative production.

The project resulted in a comprehensive package, including:

  • A trailer that introduced the audience to the online resource

  • Animation that explained adolescent development

  • A series of videos from experts that outlined how to implement emotional coaching

  • Video footage of parent and adolescent interactions that demonstrated the subtle differences between emotional coaching and emotional dismissing

  • A Q&A session with a creative approach designed to hold audience engagement and bring out the human side of the experts.


Our partnership with Melbourne University and the Victorian Department of Education allowed us to deliver innovative solutions to the challenge of helping parents and caregivers navigate the transition from childhood to adolescence. The educational resources we developed were not only visually engaging but also effectively imparted knowledge. We are proud to have been able to make a real impact in this area.

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