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Structured play can change the world’s future


PlayLab, Monash University and Department of Education


Stakeholder Engagement

Communications strategy

Story community


Video series

Promotional products

Internal Communication

Organisational narrative

Community consultation


Project Objective

Using our Picking Up Rocks methodology, we worked with Monash University's PlayLab to develop and implement a communication strategy that aimed to educate early educators on the benefits of the PlayWorld pedagogy. Our strategy targeted key stakeholders and communities to promote the value and impact of PlayWorld and its integration of STEM concepts through play.

Client Benefit

As a result of our efforts, the PlayLab was able to better communicate their research insights and the value of their approach in real-time. This led to the creation of various educational materials, including a video series and podcast series, to further support early educators in implementing PlayWorld in their classrooms. Additionally, our team was able to gather unique data and insights on the benefits of PlayLab settings, highlighting the internal and external value of the organization.

Project Results

Key outcomes:

  • Educational video series to aid early childhood educators in implementing Conceptual PlayWorlds

  • Podcast series featuring PlayLab executives to communicate insights and findings in an engaging manner

  • Unique data and insights on the benefits of PlayLab setting, illustrating internal and external value held within the organization.

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