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Oxfam Australia


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Lives are equal and no-one should live in poverty

Project Objective

Oxfam Australia partnered with PUR to deliver social content with a fast turnaround for a paid campaign. We consulted on best practices and delivered the content on time. This successful project led to ongoing partnerships with Oxfam Australia, in which we have assisted with various projects, from internal strategic updates to social campaigns aimed at eradicating poverty.

Client Benefit

One of the main challenges for non-profit organizations like Oxfam Australia in producing content for external communications is the need to cut through the noise on social media and capture the audience's attention. Our Picking Up Rocks methodology and emphasis on creative problem solving helped us to work with the Oxfam Australia team to deliver content and strategy that effectively stops people in their feed and educates them on the issue at hand, ultimately inspiring them to take action and become part of the solution.


Additionally, with Oxfam Australia following a decentralized governing model, it was important to make sure all stakeholders were on the same page and aligned with the organization's vision. Through careful thought and well-executed internal communication content production, we helped to inspire, update, and align all stakeholders on their 5 year strategy.

Project Results

The specific results of our partnership with Oxfam Australia include:

  • The successful delivery of 9 videos in 3 formats for the Equinox campaign

  • Strategic update content delivered

  • Creation of a historical animated timeline of Oxfam Australia's impact on the fight for equality for Indigenous peoples.

Our ability to deliver effective content and strategy for organizations like Oxfam Australia is a testament to our ability to understand and overcome the unique challenges and goals of non-profit organizations and deliver impactful results.

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