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Collingwood Childrens Farm, and Public Records Office Victoria


  • Co-developed narrative strategy to co-create a community owned narrative of place

  • Collaborative stakeholder and community engagement

  • Joint data strategy and analysis

  • Community story co-creation

  • Unified internal communication efforts

Project Objective

To secure its future, the Collingwood Children's Farm aimed to articulate its value to the broader community. PUR partnered with the farm to co-create a narrative, integrating diverse community voices through our "Picking Up Rocks" approach, thus capturing the essence of the farm's impact.

Treasured Community Space

Client Benefit

This collaborative project fostered internal alignment and unveiled the farm's significant role from the community's viewpoint, reinforcing its place in Victorian life and providing measurable insights into its social contributions

Project Results

Deliverables included a mapped community stakeholder visualisation, a cohesive organisational narrative incorporating community stories, a strategy for community story collection, and thematic analysis from over 50 interviews to highlight common values and impacts.

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